Types Of Shutters

window shutters

If you are searching for different types of shutters then you must have come across different types of window shutters. It becomes really hard to choose the right kind of the shutter for your home. The choice rests on the fact that how well you know about the different types and categories of the shutters. To help you in choosing the right kind of the shutters we have here described a few types of the window shutters that you can choose from.

Which type would suit me the most?

The plantation shutters are classified into the six broad categories that include

  • Full Height Shutters
  • Tier-on-Tier Shutters,
  • Shaped Shutters
  • Cafe Style Shutters
  • Solid Shutters
  • Tracked Shutters
  • Waterproof Shutters,
  • Bay Window Shutters
  • Conservatory Shutters.


  1. Full Height Shutters are the most common type of shutters available for the windows. These shutters are used to cover the entire window pane. Thus, if you want to enjoy complete privacy or complete dark in the day time you can use these shutters.
  2. Tier-on-Tier Shutters comprise of two panels. When these panels are closed one just sits above the other so this window shutter closes firmly preventing any unwanted entrants.
  3. Shaped Shutters are the perfect choice for customization. These shutters can come in different shapes so it becomes really easy to fix them with the windows with unusual shapes. Usually these shapes are rounding, triangular or semicircular.
  4. Cafe Style Shutters are used to cover the lower part of the window. The top part of the window stays uncovered therefore you can enjoy enough light coming in along with the privacy too.
  5. Solid Shutters are the popular ones among the commercial plantation shutters. These shutters are made out of solid materials especially the wood. They don’t have the slats. It is a perfect choice for spaces where you want insulation and dark.
  6. Tracked Shutters are very different. They have tracks above and below them. This allows folding them when they are not needed. You can use them for the bi-fold doors and the huge sized windows.
  7. Waterproof Shutters as the name indicates is meant to keep away the water from damaging the spaces like the bathroom or the kitchen. They are made with completely water resistant materials so that they can tolerate the adverse conditions.
  8. Bay Window Shutters are made in such a way that they can fit in well with the window panes according to your personal needs and requirements. It is a smart choice that can cover the full depth of the windows without any inconvenience.

9. Conservatory Shutters are the window shutters that are meant to conserve. It is the best way to create privacy and shade. Yu can even insulate the space if you like. It is the best choice for the side windows.