Tips On Making Do In A Small Office

  • Limit the interruptions that you can control – not finishing your work on time can definitely make you stress out. And while you cannot control all interruptions, at least work on those that you can. Unhooking your desk phone, putting your mobile phone on silent, restricting yourself from checking your mails or social media notifications…these all add up; and can easily be avoided.  
  • Small work desks, small home offices, or small office buildings…these are not things which we would voluntarily choose if given the choice however, sometimes this is all we have. Here are a few applicable tips to help you make do in a small office or work space.
  • Start practicing working with minimum things – a small office does not always have to mean you have to work cramped in a corner of it. Take a goof look around your office room or building. Start making a list of all that you (and your employees) could work without. Try and keep your possessions to a minimum within your office space. If you are using an reliable office cleaning service, your reduction of things will make their task of cleaning your office much easier as well.
  • Make way for the sunlight – natural sunlight is almost miraculous in making a space look warm, inviting and spacious. Having plenty of sunlight streaming into your work place will create a more positive ambience, inevitably making your working more efficient as well. Be careful about your office windows’ drapes and blinds. Use the kind that doesn’t cut off the light, trying to give you a measure of privacy. Along with that, you need to pay attention to wear you place your office furniture and machinery; making sure it doesn’t block the windows.
  • Pay attention to how clean your office is – if a space is dirty and untidy, it naturally appears to be smaller than it is. If you (and/or your employees) are of a habit of eating at your desk, it needs to stop immediately. Hire a competent commercial cleaning Parramatta crew that know what they are doing. Apart from that, take the time to clear out your desk every evening, so you arrive to a clean work space every morning. Urge your employees to do the same.
  • Learn to multipurpose your furniture and things – the world has improved much in several aspects. Being able to handle multiple tasks through your laptops and smart phones help you reduce the amount of things that you’d need to have around you to work efficiently. Likewise, multipurpose furniture too makes working from a small office much better. Doing forget that modern technology like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi helps to keep the wires down to a minimum as well.
  • Deal with clutter and learn to arrange as you work – any space that is regularly used tends to get messy and cluttered. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time after work arranging your desk, just so you don’t arrive in the morning to a complete mess, try and train yourself to arrange as you go. Though it will be a little challenging on those fast paced and hectic days, it’s still worth giving a shot…