Rainy Days Ahead: Prepare Your Home For Them

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Being safe than sorry is the best course of action when it comes to taking care of your house and its premises. Especially with the rainy season ahead before the wintry weather changes to sunshiny days, it is wise for all Perth dwellers to prepare for what might come. Anyone who has lived in Perth long enough knows that when the waters come down from the skies, they really do come down. So here are a few tips on how you can better equip your house to handle the beating showers and the gushing winds so that it will still be standing tall and unharmed at the end of it all;

Weather Shield for the Walls and Floors

The exterior walls and panels of your house being strong and steady is not enough to aid them endure the wet days ahead. A coat of good quality weather shielding paint or enamel will need to be applied on all of the walls as well as the exterior woodwork such as door frames, window panes and edging. If your front porch or deck is wooden, then this area needs to be weather proofed as well, along with any outdoor wooden stairways and railings. 

Solve All Roof Problems

A roof leaking water into the house from several spots will be a nightmare for you and your family to deal with. To save yourself the trouble of having to fetch basins from the bathroom and pots from the kitchen in the middle of the night to stop the house from getting flooded by rain water falling in through the roof, complete any pending roof repair jobs well ahead of the rainy season. Gutter cleaners in the Perth area can help you get rid of all that unwanted rubbish stuck in your roof gutters that can hinder the free flow of water into the pipelines.

Pressurised gutter repairs will wipe out all the dead leaves, sticks and dirt littering the drains and prevent any damage to the roof during heavy rainfalls.

All Pipelines Unblocked and Ready to Flow

Blockages inside pipes can be a disaster, especially when it comes to the pipes’ capability of handling huge volumes of water flowing down them from the rooftop. If the pipelines are unable to handle the amount of water trying to pass through, it can lead to burst pipelines which can cause damage to the walls surrounding them and ultimately leave a big repair job for you to deal with once the showers pass. To avoid unnecessary damage to your home, run periodical checks on the pipelines to make sure that none of them have leaves, dirt or other materials clogged inside them.