Pros And Cons Of Decorating Your Home By Yourself

You may have discovered your fantasy house, yet it’s just truly your home after you’ve put your own touch to it, designing it in a way that mirrors your tastes and identity. Once you’ve bought your own space, you are stuck with the choice of whether or not you are in need of an interior designer. Most of us would love to decorate our homes by ourselves because it adds a unique touch to it. Also decorating it by yourself may just be the most satisfying feeling for some while it might be daunting to the others. Below are a few pros and cons of self decorating to help you decide if self decorating is really your forte or if you need an interior designer to save your life? Go here  for more information about memorabilia framing.

Pro: unique touch.

Decorating your house by yourself will help you add you own personal touch to it which cannot be expressed by a third person. Maybe you have a few picture framing that you think will look good in the house while the interior designer thinks it shouldn’t be there. When you work on your home by yourself there is no restriction on what can go up and what cannot, you make the decision and execute it without depending on someone else opinion.

Con: time consuming.

Unlike professionals you probably don’t know where to start and where to go. Professionals do decorating often so they know places like framing shops Melbourne or someplace which will strike them a real deal while chances are that you may get ripped off by visiting high end place with unreasonable prices. You would also have to clear your schedule for until after you are done with the decorating which means that whatever that’s been going on in your life before this needs to be put on hold.

Pro: more budget for furniture.

Imagine all the money you can save by not hiring an interior designer, you won’t have to pay anyone any fee. This way you have a larger budget to spend on your fixtures and furniture. You can be a more expensive couch and maybe a larger bed and some exquisite decorating items like chandelier and what not. You can buy expensive wallpapers and rugs and maybe save some money for when you need it later.

Con: resale will be difficult.

The interior is most likely to be very personal. It is highly unlikely that one individual’s particular style will engage everybody. For example, if you bought tribal print wallpaper to suit your need and likings you can expect the next person who buys your home will be intrigued by it and would like it. This may make resale harder than when you have a mundane interior.