Indoor Plants And How To Take Care Of Them

Plants vary from one to another even though they might belong to those that survive under the same environmental conditions. Hence each and every one should be groomed in different ways. Here are some indoor plants and how they should be looked after. 

The fig-leaf tree

This is an  indoor pots Melbourne plant that has a long stem and branches with huge leaves that have a leathery touch. And according to the experts, this plant should ideally be kept in an area where it is directly under sun light or near the window where sun light easily enters. In simple terms, this is more of a plant that needs more sunlight to grow. When grooming it and making sure it looks neat and orderly, it would be best to trim off the top branches to make sure that they don’t grow much more than the window frame. This plant ought to be watered once a week on usual weather conditions and much more during winter or if the air is too dry.

The split leaf tree

This is a tree that is aesthetically pleasing especially because of the unique designed leaf that looks like it got a customized leaf cut (You know haircut, leaf cut!)!The best thing about this shrub purchased from proper indoor plant hire is that you can easily cut off the top and replant it in just about any pot or place. However the trick is to make sure that the roots aren’t damaged or harmed. So in other words if you want to have a collection of these, you don’t have to worry about buying more than one, you can simply grow one, separate it and replant to create another! This too needs to be watered once a week for optimum growth.

The lemon tree

This lemon tree is unlike the others, it bears fruits and also has beautiful flowers, making it not only the perfect outdoor plant but indoor as well. This tree is believed to be a mix of lemons and mandarin oranges, hence the name Meyer. When the flowers of these bloom it is said to have a sweet fragrance of citrus filling up the entire space, thus making it the perfect natural air freshener as well! However one concern is that, if you do set it up indoors, make sure that it is placed in an area where there is enough sunlight for it to grow. Water this plant weekly for best results.


Kentia palm trees are one of the most common indoor and outdoor plants that almost any person has set up in their homes. They have quite the height that they grow to, too. And so, it is a plant that requires a lot of space to spread out, especially because of its leaf and the way it grows. In terms of the sun light requirement, this plant needs medium to bright light and should be watered on a weekly basis for it to grow well.Consider the above and groom these plants in the right way to make sure that they create the right effect in your home!