5 Benefits Of Buying Handmade Candle

There are various types of candles available in the market. You can choose any candle to decorate your home for Christmas, a birthday party or just to make your home look more stylish than before. However, soy wax candles are better than an ordinary candle.

The 5 Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

A natural candle – these good handmade soy candles are created from soybeans. The candle is natural and the local farmers grow soybeans in most of the regions. Truly, paraffin candles are created from petroleum only and petroleum is a non-renewable source of energy, which has carcinogenic materials.

Sometimes, the carcinogenic materials can get released in the air when you will burn a paraffin candle. On the other hand, soy wax candles are made from good products and not harmful to the environment.

You are contributing to the betterment of local farmers – by buying it you can even economize the local farmers, and they can grow more soybeans.

These candles lasts for a long span of time – these soy candles can last for a longer time as compared to the paraffin candles of the similar size. The longevity of a soy wax candle is more because it burns very slowly and the temperature of the candle’s wax remains cool. It is true that one have to pay more for a soy wax candle, but it burns for more time and so there is no requirement of buying some new candles online. Wax of the candle is biodegradable and it will not hamper our environment.

Scent of a soy wax candle is better as compared to other candles -Scent of a paraffin candle is not good. If you are looking for a scented candle, then purchase a soy wax candle. Essential oils are used in making this candle and the oils are also used to scent the candles. The candle usually burns in a slow way and the scent releases in a gradual manner. Hence nobody will ever get the smell of a strong scent from these candles.

Burns in a clear way – There are countless merits of a soy wax candle that you will not get while using a paraffin candle. Additionally, these candles burn in a clear way than a paraffin candle. Paraffin candles, many times, make a large portion of black soot on the walls, jar and on other places. But these candles made of soy wax can create some black soot too, but its quantity of black soot is lesser than the paraffin candles.